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  • Architectural Review Joe Musso
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  • Treasurer Beverly Stack
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Beverly Stack

Asst. Editor:
Anna Torsiello

President's Report




By Lynn O’Toole


We have had a slow start this year at the pool due to the inclement weather and cool days we had in June.  I guess its a bit uncomfortable  getting out of 84 degree water and having the air cooler.  Hopefully the rest of the summer weather will co operate with warmer days.

The back parking lot and driveway have now been re-paved and a drainage system installed so there will be no more water pooling and puddling.  It looks great.  Joe Musso did a great job over seeing this project.  The cost of this project was a little over $60,000.00.  Next year we hope to pave the front parking lot.

The next project is near and dear to my heart.  I think we all still remember hurricane sandy and the seven days we suffered with no electricity or heat.  Our clubhouse should be our emergency shelter for all events that may occur and unfortunately it is not set up or equipped to do so.  We are going to install a natural gas generator, which will allow us to fully use the clubhouse for all our needs.  It will also be equipped with surge protection that will cover the entire building and protect our electronics from being knocked out every time there is an outage.  Our residents will be able to use the clubhouse to keep warm or stay cool depending on the season, get a cup of coffee or tea, catch up on the news etc. This will also help with the outages we seem to have every other week.  Sometimes we suffer problems with the computers in the office or the sound and entertainment system  in the main hall.

We have had the first treatment for the lake which is looking great.  We have had a few more residents getting permits to build docks behind their homes on common ground.  I am going to give everyone a refresher course on docks on common ground.  First and foremost any dock built must be maintained by the homeowner that built it.  As with all common grounds anyone can walk on it, sit on it or fish off it.  What you can’t do is to go into personal items on the dock like a deck box or boat etc.  This is the property of the homeowner and is sacrosanct.

For the most part everyone is cutting their grass and shrubs but we still have a few homes that have not complied. You must keep your property neat and trimmed throughout the summer.  This goes for people who lease or rent as well as home owners.  You will be fined if your grass is not cut and  turned  over to Toms River code inforcement, who will cut it and put a lien on your property until you pay the cost.  Lets avoid these unpleasantries and do the right thing.

The fourth is another Holiday to show our patriotism and love of country and fly our American flags high.

Wishing you all a safe July Fourth.



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