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Trustees and Staff

Board of Trustees

  • President Lynn O'toole
  • Architectural Review Joe Musso
  • Recording Secretary Paul Bernhardt
  • Treasurer Beverly Stack
  • Rules & Regulations Paul Wilson
  • Clubhouse John Jenkins
  • Common Ground Bill Byrne
  • Sgt.-at-Arms Tony Torsiello


Beverly Stack

Asst. Editor:
Anna Torsiello

President's Report




By Lynn O’Toole

There will not be an election for trustees this April.
The board will remain the same. the three incumbents will
have the secretary cast one vote for each and they will serve
another three year term. The reason for this is no one came
forward to run for the board. With nine hundred and thirty
four homes in this community you would think we could
muster a few residents interested. I am hoping the future
will see a change. Being a trustee is not very difficult and
anyone can learn what has to be done. The biggest part of
serving is caring for this community and putting in your
time. There is the possibility that things could change in the
future and not for the best if we can’t put a board together.
One of two things could happen. We could lose our charter
as an adult community. This means would are no longer
have protected (taxes etc.); or the governor could appoint
an administrator with a large salary, and $15.00 a month
dues will be a fond memory, along with running your own
affairs. If you are not sure what it is all about, try coming to
our monthly trustee meetings. That will give you an idea.
Remember volunteers are the backbone of this community.
A good start to see how this community is run is to
attend the bi-annual meeting on Saturday, April 27th at
10am. Coffee and donuts will be served and a guest speaker
to be announced.
Again, I will remind you what curbing your dog means.
Walking your dog in the street by the curb, and doing their
business there where it is easily picked up. Walking the animal
on a twenty foot leash is not acceptable as it allows the
pet on people’s lawns and gardens. Please show respect for
your neighbors. You would not like it done to you so don’t
do it to anyone else. The operative word here is pickup!!!
after your pet. If you don’t, we will find you and you will
be fined. We will report you to code enforcement in town
and the health department who will also issue summons
and fines. One other very pertinent issue is to keep your
dog on a leash at all times. You cannot let your animal run
free that is the law. We have had reports of a dog on Mt
Hope that has been allowed to roam around at night and
defecate anywhere it pleases. This is a big no-no. This dog
has been videoed and is on film. Remember a lot of homes
now have surveillance cameras and the “Ring” door bell.
With this in mind beware you will be caught.
We have been inundated with mailings from Suez
Water Company regarding Sewer Guard insurance for
your waste pipes. This is not necessary for us as we have
the MUA over seeing our sewer lines. The MUA does
this because our homes were built with two homes on one
sewer line which is illegal. In the event of a clog you call
the MUA and they will determine if it is your appliance or
the pipes. If it’s the latter, they will take care of it. WE DO
NOT NEED SEWER GUARD! Our trustee, Joe Musso,
made a call to Suez and to the insurance company and they
have agreed to stop the sewer guard package and literature.
Don’t forget we will be opening the pool in the beginning
of May this year as it is now heated.
Wishing all a blessed Easter, and Passover Holiday.



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