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President's Report


By Lynn O’Toole




I’m starting this newsletter with a retraction and an apology. For a number of years, I have been writing a bit of information that unfortunately is not true and was challenged on it by another HOA president. I was told many years ago that we paid less in the school board portion of our property taxes as an adult community because we do not use those services. This is not true. We pay property taxes based on the value of our property just the same as all township residents do. Our perks are based on age, which I’m sure all seniors are able to do upon reaching a certain age. Again my apology for the misinformation and a lesson learned. Do your own research. This is the time of year that is both loved and hated. With the change of season and Autumn upon us we have those fairly warm days and crisp nights heralding the dreaded falling leaves. We have residents who have lawn services who pick up their leaves and those who do their own. We also have those that don’t do anything at all. If you feel you need to keep your property leaf free, which unfortunately never happens, you should put them in large plastic bags and keep them on the side of the house till leaf pick up by the township. If you have a service they can do the same or take them with them when they leave. Leaves should not be blown on common ground or especially the street. When leaves are put in the street and we have a rain storm driving can become hazardous by slippery wet leaves. These leaves also wind up in the lakes by way of the storm drains and considering the money spent to keep the lakes healthy this is not good. Leaf pick up will be the week of November 8th and the week of December 13th. Tree limb and brush pick up the week of October 11th. Remember all twigs and brush should be tied up at the curb. The organization mulches common ground leaves after they are all down which is usually sometime at the end of December. We’ve had this conversation numerous times over many years and we are still having it. Dogs cannot run loose on the streets, common ground or your property, unless you have an invisible fence. Dogs must be on a regular length leash not a ten foot lead. They must be curbed which means they walk on that little grassy area between the sidewalk and street and you must pick up after your dog. Don’t walk around with an empty bag in your hand and leave the crap behind. Dogs are not allowed down by the lakes or the dock. Please respect your neighbors. Another subject written about numerous times is the fact that children cannot live in Holiday City unless they are eighteen (18) years of age or older. We have been noticing several areas within the community where we are seeing children on an almost steady basis. If you have young children living in your house they must leave. This is an adult community and young children are not allowed. If you do not comply we will see you in court. Happy Columbus Day and a spooky all Hallows eve.

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