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President's Report


By Lynn O’Toole






I can honestly say I have never been happier to see a month pass as I have this past month of August.  I believe when the history is written it will be one of the hottest on record, not to mention the humidity was stifling.

Most of the debris associated with hurricane Isaias has now ben picked up by the township.  Trees that came down on common ground and pose no threat to homes will remain.  Branches, etc. will be picked up during the fall clean-up.  Hanging limbs that pose no immediate threat will be removed over time.  Any sidewalks that came up due to downed trees, o raised sidewalks in general, are the responsibility of the homeowner to repair and should be done to avoid anyone falling and getting hurt and lawsuits that could occur.  Hopefully from now until November 1st, we will not see another hurricane this year.

I am happy to say our generator at the clubhouse did its job and we had quite a number of our residents use the clubhouse during the power outage after the hurricane.  We kept people cool, supplied ice, and charging stations for phones and tablets.  I have also been in constant contact with the mayor and council regarding the outage and requesting a change in how JCP&L handles outages considering the fact we have residents who are on oxygen and have defibrillators and med needing refrigeration.

I know most of you have read in the newspapers and online that there will be a re-evaluation of homes throughout Toms River to levy new tax assessments throughout the township.  This means there will be people in our community knocking on doors to inspect our homes for this purpose.  Just remember we have four models within this community, of which many have been renovated inside and out.  We also have homes that are still in their original state and have not been altered.  If assessors cannot obtain entrance to your home, they will assess your property at the highest level for that model.  If that is the case you may have to go downtown to state your case to lower your assessment.  I would also make certain whoever comes to your house ha the proper credentials stating who they are before you let anyone enter your home.

We are including a copy of our complaint form in this newsletter to be used if there is a problem needing the Board of Trustees attention.  You can fill it out and drop it off at the office for the Board.

Unfortunately, we still have a few foreclosed properties within the community and abandoned houses that have been neglected and are unsightly and run down, including uncut grass.  If you have a problem with a property near you, please fill out the complaint form in this newsletter and return to the office and it will be turned over to Toms River code enforcement.  They will try to find the banks or companies responsible for those properties and have them cleaned up. If that is not possible, we will have them cleaned up by the township.


It is sad that I have to keep writing about curbing your dog over and over.  It should be totally clear by now to all our residents what this means.  If you own a dog and walk them daily, they must be on a leash.  They should not be allowed on a ten-foot leash to defecate on other resident’s property.  The ground between the sidewalk and the street is where they should be going and you should be cleaning up after your animal.  Dogs are not permitted on common grounds.  If you have a fence and keep your dog on your property, you must clean up after your animal.  You cannot leave feces pile up as it is a health hazard by drawing flies and other unwanted pests to the neighborhood.

I want to make sure we all know the rules governing automobiles parked on the street.  All vehicles must have a current registration, be insured, and a current inspection sticker on the window.  We do not allow vehicles to sit on the street with flat tires and unmovable.  This is also township police and motor vehicle rules, so beware if you have a vehicle like this, you are risking it being towed and removed.

Holiday City Organization Phase II has our own official authorized Facebook page administered to by Vincent Landolfi.  This site will give our homeowners information and alerts that did not make it into the newsletter, or arrived after the first of the month, as well as other information.  You can also make comments there.

Lastly, I have been asked a number of times why Phase I’s clubhouse is opened and ours is not.  I believe I answered that question in the August newsletter, but I’ll give a quick synopsis for all those who evidently do not read the newsletter.  According to the Governor and Covid-19 rules, you cannot have groups of people meeting.  Any room can only have 25% of capacity with six (6) foot spacing and certain sanitary conditions must prevail.  There is also the fact our liability insurance does not cover pandemics and signed waivers mean absolutely nothing, so until things change for the better we will keep our community safe by remaining closed.

The new dock has been finished on Mt. Carmel and is there for our residents to enjoy the lake.  We will be doing several other projects next year on and around the lake.

September 11th is Patriots Day and also “Remember 9/11”.  Please fly those American flags. 

Wishing all of our Jewish community happy Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Hope all our Grandparents enjoy their day.


Wishing all a safe Labor Day.


Stay well.





















A Message From Councilman Rodrick

Residents of Holiday City,


First I would like to commend Lynn O’Toole and the leadership of the Holiday City Association for their rapid closure of the clubhouse in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, and the continual display of warning messages on the Yorktowne Blvd electronic billboard.  In these trying times, it’s important for you to know that Toms River Township is here to help.  Emergency and Essential Services continue at full capacity.  And, although Town Hall is closed, I want you to know that I am still here to answer your questions, solve problems and discuss your concerns.  


You can always reach me on my cell phone at 848-221-0132 or at home 732 581 8398 and I’ll be here to help. 


It’s important to remember that there are many among us that are not as mobile, not as healthy, and not as fortunate.  Should you know of someone that you feel is in need of assistance, please reach out to me and we will work to get them the help that they need. 



Daniel T Rodrick

Ward 2 Councilman 

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