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Beverly Stack

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President's Report


By Lynn O’Toole






Wow!! “2020“, not only a brand-new year, but also a brand-new decade.  It seems like yesterday we were all scrambling and full of anxiety worrying about all the computers and computer run devices crashing as we entered a new century “Y2K”.   Twenty years have passed and many things have changed in that time.  Holiday City has come a long way in those twenty years.  We have just about renovated most of the clubhouse with the exception of the main hall, which because of cost will have to be done in phases.  The Beautification Committee is going to renovate the men’s room this summer. (Remember all those Pancake Breakfasts and gift auctions?)  We will also be doing some work on the Bocce court and golf course.

 The pool is pretty much a country club at this point and only needs some tree trimming and removal this year.

Over the years the lake has acquired a very healthy eco system due to the aerators and chemical treatments to become a beautiful focal point in this community.  This year we are going to go over all the bulk heads to make sure they are safe and sound.  Wherever needed the bulk head will be replaced.  On Mt. Carmel by the spillway on the lower lake we will put down a four-inch layer of leaf mulch and then seed and cover it to grow grass in that area and end any erosion that may be happening.  I spoke to Steve from Princeton Hydro about the feasibility of installing lighted fountains in the lakes.  His recommendation was no because electricity needed to power the fountains would be a hazard if wires were cut by a propeller from a boat or a fisherman cut a line the live wires could electrocute someone.  I have texted Scott to see if there is any way we could insulate the wires by piping or other means to allow the fountains.  I will keep you up dated when I get the info.

I have followed up with Judy Noonon council woman for Berkley on the Senate bill S2425 and she told me the bill has been taken out of committee and will be revised.  As I hear information I will pass it on to you.  It’s very important that the revisions are made in our favor and there will be no meddling in senior housing (over 55 communities).

Update on the turkey situation. As you know per our last newsletter, I have been working with the head of the NJ Wildlife Fish and game commission to humanely remove and re-locate a portion of the turkey population.  We will not be removing all the birds, just thinning the flocks. 

I would remind all our residents who frequent the clubhouse there is a key fob available to any resident in good standing.  By using the fob at the pool room door or kitchen door you can enter the clubhouse at any time when the clubhouse is closed.

Hope you all have a great month and stay warm.




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