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By Lynn O’Toole




As our country is finally coming back to life after the Covid19 shutdown I understand the need for things to return to a sense of normalcy, after being closed down for the last three and a half months.

Unfortunately, that sense of normalcy comes with a new set of rules and regulations set forth by the state, which in some cases I think is over-kill.


After going over the rules governing pools the board has made the decision not to open the pool this year.  We felt the hygiene they are asking us to do could not be done properly and we felt we could not keep our residents safe.


Again, as I have said in the past this newsletter is written in advance of the month it covers.  I believe we will have our guidelines for opening the clubhouse by June 29th, and we will find out the percentage of people allowed in the clubhouse at one time and what precautions have to be taken to achieve this.  The board takes its responsibilities very seriously when it comes to the protection of our residents. I’m hoping we will be able to resume our normal activities as soon as possible.


Special thanks go to Vincent Landolfi who has taken on the task of creating and maintaining our officially sanctioned Holiday City Organization Phase11 Facebook page.  Residents can get updated info that happens in between Newsletters and special events that crop up after the newsletter is published.  You will find a letter from Ocean County Senior Services regarding an attempt to do away with the PTR1 Tax Freeze and Homestead Rebate with a link to a petition to sign so we keep our tax cuts.  This is important for all of us to sign and keep our taxes where we can afford them.  Your comments are welcome.


We still have a few lawns that need to be cut and over grown shrubbery that needs to be trimmed.  Please have respect for your fellow residents who keep their property neat.


Wishing all a Happy and Safe 4th of July.   












































A Message From Councilman Rodrick

Residents of Holiday City,


First I would like to commend Lynn O’Toole and the leadership of the Holiday City Association for their rapid closure of the clubhouse in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, and the continual display of warning messages on the Yorktowne Blvd electronic billboard.  In these trying times, it’s important for you to know that Toms River Township is here to help.  Emergency and Essential Services continue at full capacity.  And, although Town Hall is closed, I want you to know that I am still here to answer your questions, solve problems and discuss your concerns.  


You can always reach me on my cell phone at 848-221-0132 or at home 732 581 8398 and I’ll be here to help. 


It’s important to remember that there are many among us that are not as mobile, not as healthy, and not as fortunate.  Should you know of someone that you feel is in need of assistance, please reach out to me and we will work to get them the help that they need. 



Daniel T Rodrick

Ward 2 Councilman 

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