1846 Yorktown Boulevard,
Toms River, NJ 08753
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Tai Chi Club


           Thursdays at 1:00 - 3:00 

              Phase 2 Clubhouse


All are welcome. Plan to set any rushing or stress aside while there. Questions?

Please call Janice DiNapoli at 732-809-2191.




Ideally, Tai Chi is intended to be practiced outdoors. Since this gentle process connects body,

mind, breath, and other natural components, our practice will be held outdoors (in nature) when

the backyard behind Phase 2 Clubhouse on Yorktowne Blvd. is completed. In the interim,

practice will still be in the clubhouse on Thursdays, from 1-3 pm.


Be sure to wear comfortable, loose clothing, a good pair of sneakers or supportive shoes, and

bring a bottle of water for yourself (also, bring a yoga mat if you prefer to practice barefooted).

So, for clarification, you will find us outdoors when weather permits. Otherwise, we'll practice



Also, be assured that safety is always our first priority; therefore, we never get down to the floor,

and do not practice kicks, strikes, or other straightforward martial arts moves. As novices, we

continue to focus on slow, mindful, movements, deep breathing, and expanding internal energy



Many of us concur that Tai Chi decreases stress, frequently reduces inflammation, and is a very

enjoyable group experience; so feel free to join us if you are so inclined. This is truly a

welcoming, no judgment zone.


And, to answer those who have asked the question, at this point, it IS likely we will practice Ai

Chi, the aquatic version of Tai Chi, at the pool this summer (dates and times to be determined).

Note that although the practice of Tai Chi is among the gentlest forms of exercise, please

consult your doctor if you have reservations about your ability to practice safely.

 Remember, SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST. Be sure to make that YOUR first priority!